Valentine’s NYX Haul For Me!


Happy Valentine’s Day all and me! Yes, I always get myself a gift. This time, I gave myself a NYX haul. I looove pink lips and that’s pretty much all I wear in all sorts of shades. I was in an awful need of lipstick so I went for it. And of course I am here to share it with you.

NYX is one of my favorite brands. Its inexpensive and cruelty free, two of my preferred qualities when it comes to makeup. Because of that, I decided to try their Matte Liquid Foundation.


Keeping today’s trend, the Lipsticks and Lip Creams I bought are also matte.



And a couple of Lip Pencils to spice it up:


I haven’t used the Foundation yet, nor the Lip Pencils. But I am a HUGE fan of their matte Lipsticks and Lip Creams. They stay on so perfectly. You barely have to reapply. I’m on my third tube of ‘Antwerp’ Lip Cream and my second tube of ‘Ibiza’.

What’s your favorite NYX product?

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