Wedding Favors Dee Style

Remember those figurines you used to get at weddings and important events as favors? Do you currently have any of them? If you’re anything like I am, you don’t. I do have centerpieces that I genuinely love, but I have never kept a favor. To me, they are a waste of money, and antiquated.

I am a HUGE fan of edible or drinkable favors. Like what my friend Lynda and her husband Jay did for their December wedding; a Peppermint Hot Chocolate.

Inside the jars was hot cocoa mix, chocolate chips, pieces of pepper mint sticks, and giant marshmallows. Yum! They also had set out personal bottles of Bailey’s for an adult twist. But by the time I went grab mine, they were gone. Whoops! Still, even without it, it was delicious.

My advice on favors:

  • Keep it simple. This is a small gesture to your guests. No need to loose your mind over it.
  • Consider the time of the year you’re getting married. You want to make sure all components are in season.
  • Keep it personal. Is there a drink that means something to you as a couple? A dessert? A treat? Gifts mean so much more when they are personal and come from the heart.
  • Keep one. You want to at least save one so you can enjoy it together later on. Like on your wedding night or even a breakfast treat the next day. You deserve it after all the hard work.
  • If you and your guest are traveling, consider making them a welcome package instead of a favor.

This is just my take on favors. Everyone has their own opinion. But do you really want to spend money on something that’ll end up in the garbage? No, neither do I. So as you plan your wedding, keep edible or drinkable favors in mind.

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