Fortune Favors The Bold!


As a thank you for being part of her bridal party, my friend Lynda, gave me a night at Sleep No More at the McKittrick Hotel. I was so excited, I didn’t waste any time to attend.

It’s hard to put into words how mind blowing these three hours were. You’ve probably heard reviews and people raving about it. But you don’t really understand until you’ve been there. I am going to try my best to give you a taste of what I went through and not spoil anything.

When you walk in you have to check everything; if it fits in a pocket you can take it. Outside of that, you need to leave coats/jackets and all bags at coat check. Once that’s done, you “check-in” to the hotel and you receive a playing card. Keep this card, you will need it.


You head up the steps and down a dark hallway. At this point I had no idea what was going on, and was scared out of my mind. My heart was in my throat. But my fear was unnecessary, because I was just heading up to Manderley Bar. You step back in time to the late 20’s-early 30’s. Everyone is fabulous at the bar. Women wore gorgeous beaded gowns, and called everyone darling. And one the most handsome man I’ve ever seen, with the sexiest accents I’ve ever heard, Maximilian, greets you.

The playing card you receive is the number of your tour. I had card #3, so I was on the third tour. After a couple of drinks, my card number was called. I received a mask and was lead into an alcove.


Once inside, you receive your rules: no talking allowed the entire time, and do not remove your mask. Then you are lead into an elevator. Inside the elevator there’s an attendant who reminds you of the rules and right before you exit he says, “Fortune favors the bold”. With that in mind, I left the elevator and was on my way to have the night of my life.

I don’t know how on earth did I end up at an asylum. Me, Miss I-am-horrified-of-creepy-asylums at one. What on earth did I get myself into!? I could barely breath I was so scared. But I sucked it up and kept going. I past through a creepy room, with creepy kids beds, and creepy old stroller. That lead to a creepy room, filled with creepy white bath tubs. Ahhhh! Get me out of here please!?

As scared as I was, I pushed through my fear and kept up exploring into some woods. All. By. Myself. The path lead me to a cabin. When I lifted myself look in, there was a nurse sitting in there who slowly turned to look at me. Eeeeep! No thanks, I had enough of the asylum and woods. I needed to move on. As I was back tracking my steps, another nurse comes and my fears completely disappeared as I rushed after her to witness whatever was going to happen.

The nurses stood at opposite sides of the branches and stared at each other. I watched in fascination, as they discovered each other. Then one takes off running, and the other ran after her. As I am following after the one that took off running, I end up in the asylums office. Inside the office was a nurse cutting long pieces out of a book with an exacto knife. I watched as the paper sticks form into something which I will keep to myself. I was touching everything in the office, and waiting room. Pulling books. Reading everything I could, this when I started realizing what I was watching, Macbeth. Suddenly, I heard screaming and loud bang coming from down the hallway.

Rushing towards the noise, I bumped into a couple in the midst of a huge blown out argument. And from this point on things got really fast and completely insane. But so good and bloody amazing! I followed the couple into a ballroom where the entire cast was sitting behind a long dinner table.

I remembered someone that saw the play tell me, “Pick a character, and follow them.” So I did. Well actually, Banquo’s awesome beard, picked me. My beard fascination had me following after him lol. I was so invested in his story and character, I needed to see what happened to him. I ran after him down hallways, up and down stairs, from room to room; I was even inside his bedroom. When everything unfolded, and half way point, you go back to the beginning. This was my chance to follow someone else. And of course who did I chose to follow? Once I figured who he was, Macbeth. If Banquo’s story line was amazing, Macbeth’s was incredible. The scenes unfolding in front of my eyes were so amazing, I was blown away. I couldn’t believe some of the things I was watching.

As the final scene took place, I let out a breath I didn’t know I had been holding for the three hours. It so powerful and fantastic, I can’t wait to go back!

Here’s some advice:

  • Hydrate yourself before and after the show.
  • Do refresh on Macbeth, before attending. It helps. A lot.
  • Please do try the Absinthe.
  • Be warned, there will be full on nudity.
  • Be comfortable. Wear comfy shoes and clothes. If you choose to follow a character, you will run down hallways, and up and down steps. You will get extremely hot. I recommend avoiding sweaters.
  • Do follow a character. I spoke to people after, that didn’t follow one, and they missed almost everything I saw.
  • Go off on your own. Half the fun, is meeting back after the show and sharing your experience.
  • Fortune Favors The Bold.

I can’t wait to go back and follow Lady Macbeth and The Tree Witches. Who wants to go with me!?


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