Update: My Crazy Life!


Yeah, so I failed my November photo challenge with a just 5 days to go. I’m so disappointed in myself but my life is so incredibly crazy right now. Between my birthday, Holidays/Holiday shopping, wedding, and life I don’t know which way am I going. So, I figured I give you an update on what’s been going on in my neck of the woods.

First stop, my birthday. I had an incredible birthday. Surrounded by awesome people. Thank you for making me feel very special!



Next Lyn’s Bachelorette Party in Atlantic City. Had a super fun time. Thank you ladies for making it a great one!


The following week was my Nerdy Birthday Bar Crawl and it was such a blast confusing people why we were all dressed like nerds lol.


Then this past weekend was Thanksgiving. I ate entirely too much, but then killed myself working off the extra calories. I did skip the Black Friday insanity, not my cup coffee. Instead, helped finish a huge to do list for Lyn & Jay’s the wedding.


We welcomed December. This year went by entirely too fast. I am already over winter. Bring back summer!


And finally Jeff the Elf is back to his drunken mayhem. He’s been hungover since Thanksgiving.


Hope you had an incredible Holiday weekend. And if you did go shopping on Black Friday, I hope you bought what you needed.

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