Time Capsule Guestbook


Around this time last year, we were celebrating my sister and brother-in-laws’ Baby Shower. I happily worked myself to the bone because I wanted the day to be amazing and to capture wonderful memories for my “sweet” niece. More like, she’s a crazy 9 month old.

It was an Ice Cream themed brunch Baby Shower. Complete with an ice cream and candy buffet. Headband making station, and all the wine you could tolerate. Everything looked so pretty, and I’m not just saying that because I handmade all the decorations. It really was everything I envisioned.

In my, mission to make everything unique and original, I couldn’t think of a single thing that I wanted to do for a boring guestbook.

That’s when at around 3am, in one of my random searches, I came accross a Time Capsule Guestbook and it blew my mind. How original and simply awesome! Why didn’t I think of this myself? Of right, because I was too busy worrying over table covers and sprinkles. And viola! An hour later and after obsessing over Photoshop, I had my guestbook set up. Whew!

I asked guests to write a message,  joke, draw a picture, or whatever for my niece. After the party we sealed it up and it’s been resting in my sisters living room waiting for Kenzie’s First Birthday. We’ll unseal it then and read what everyone wrote. Looking forward to that!

What do we think? Are you like me that goes crazy to find unusual ways of doing the standard? What was theast DIY you obsessed over?


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