My Bathroom DIY


It all started with a visit to Ikea. Evil store and their furniture you have to put together. I saw the chandelier above and it was all downhill from there.

I’ve been wanting to do something with my plain, nothing-but-a-rug-and-cute-curtain-bathroom, for a while. But like everything else in life, I just haven’t had time. Who really does?

However, now that the subzero winter is winding down, I have a refreshed sense of getting my things in order. My life runs better when things are in order and I don’t have to worry about boring human things like laundry.

First thing on the list is my bathroom. I already owned the curtain above. I bought it a few years back at Marshall/Homegoods for $20 (I squealed like a 5 year old when I found it). Great something off the list.

The next thing that came was giving myself a seriously low budget; I will not spend more than $200. Keep in mind, I am not doing tiles or flooring because my bathroom is in great condition. My cabinet could use a re-staining but that’s about it. All I am doing is cosmetics and $200 is a realistic amount.

I am starting hopefully this weekend, and of course I’ll keep you all updated!

So far I am in love with my shabby chic bathroom face lift. And I just remember I have a Eiffle Tower wall decal I can add instead of creating a wall art. Just need to measure and see if it fits.

What’s the last room in your house that you redecorate? Any before & after pictures?


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