Foodie & The Spork: Fondant Virgin


Spring Bonjour

My sister and nephew’s birthdays are just a few days apart, and this year because we didn’t have big birthday parties, I wanted to make each of them a special cake.

I am lucky to work in a place where I have access to some of the best bakery supplies in the world, and so right of the bat, I had unlimited choices. However, when it came down to their personalities it was a no brainer. Butterflies for my sister, and nerdy cake for my nephew.

I had never used fondant before, and I was soooo nervous to screw it all up. I meant fondant can fall apart and look ridiculous if done incorrectly. But once I got started, I found it to be a lot easier than expected.

I chose to use Choco-Pan rolled fondant. Its an already made chocolate fondant. The thought making fondant from scratch sounds horrifying, and gave me a minor panic attack.

Here is the break down of what I used for each cake:

Cake Flavor: Butter Vanilla with Strawberry filling
Under Fondant: A thin layer of Cheese Cheese Buttercream

Cake Flavor: Funfetti with Nutella filling
Under Fondant: A thin layer of Cheese Cheese Buttercream

My initial reaction when I first open the fondant bucket: What am I suppose to do with this? Lmao its as hard as a brick. So I cut pieces and beat it with the fondant roller after trying to soften it with my hands. Yes, you’ll a need a roller, as well as a rolling mat, and a fondant smoother.

Yes, rolled fondant, initially, is very hard. However, it quickly softens and becomes very manageable. Its hard work. My arms are sore from rolling it out today and I do work out and go to the gym lol.

I do say this, have enough powder sugar on the surface where you are rolling your fondant, or you’ll end up having to roll it out 4 times like I did because the pink one kept breaking on me. You have to be extremely gentle and super patient.

But once you do it, you’ll be happy you did! I highly recommend it.

I wonder what I’ll do next!? SO EXCITED!

Spring XOXO

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