Bargain Dane!

Bargain Dane 1

Spring Bonjour

My sister, Dane, she’s a bargain Queen. I don’t think she’s ever paid full price for anything. EVER. She will haunt and search for bargains like you wouldn’t beleive. The fact that she’s 6 months pregnant has not slowed her preggo behind down. In fact, it’s made her even more obsessed, yes she’s obsessed, with savings. She walks around with a bag, yes a bag, of coupons from every store you can possibly imagine. Inside the bag she has a photo album where all her coupons rest in order LOL. To put it in Matthew’s words, her boyfriend, “Are we poor!?” LMAO!

I won’t deny it, her bargains impress me. Not that I am not a contusion shopper, but she’s in a level I don’t think I’ll ever manage to accomplish. No, she’s not a Extreme Couponer. She only gets deals on things she actually needs and uses. That being said, she’s not far off from being one lol.

Since I am all about sharing with y’all, I decided to share Dane’s findings with you in my new featurette,  Bargain Dane! 

Let’s get started! Today she purchase the three items above at Target:

  • Original Price: $17.06
  • Paid Price: $3.97
  • Savings: $13.09

I say that’s a heck of a deal. Specially when one of the items it’s baby formula. If you’ve raised a child, then you know that stuff costs an arm and a leg.

Friday we are going shopping so I am certain I’ll have more Dane bargains to share with you.

What’s the best bargain you’ve ever received? 

Spring XOXO

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