Wedding Gown Of The Week: Johanna Johnson

Wedding Gown Of The Week - Johanna Johnson

Spring Bonjour

I love the 1920’s style. The gorgeous gowns, the beading, the glitz, the glamour; in my book, not many time periods compare to the 20’s style. I’ve been a flapper 3 times for Halloween, that should tell you how much I love it.

Although I love weddings, I’ve never been the kind that has this perfect wedding in mind. I love it all so it’s hard to choose just ONE theme and go with it. Thought, if I were to have a theme wedding, it’d be 1920’s or old Hollywood glamour.

This Johanna Johnson gown is perfect. What makes it so perfect it’s not just the gown on it’s own, nor the beaded head piece. Yes, each item stands alone beautifully. But it’s the flawless combination of both that just works for me in every right way.

Now, don’t yell at me, it is discontinued. I’ve just loved it for so long I HAD to share it with ya’ll.

Here are some specs on the gown:

Signature Johanna Johnson delicate French hand-beaded lace has been placed by hand to breathtaking effect over an `Ivory’ silk satin A-Line gown. Features intricately capped sleeves and finished with gold hand beaded embellishments.

If you were to have a theme wedding, what would your theme be? 

Spring XOXO

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