April Showers

April Showers

Spring Bonjour

Happy April ya’ll!

Get your Wellingtons/rain boots out; it’s that “wonderful” time of the year. Welcome allergies and rain. UGH! I LOATHE this time of the year. I’m so miserable, I’m sitting here typing this blog and my eyes are tearing for no reason what’s so ever -_-. On top of that I can’t stop bloody coughing, and I’m pretty sure I bruised a rib. Yes, before you ask, I take vitamin c daily and my Zyrtec religiously. There’s so much a tiny pill can do. I shouldn’t complain so much. At least it’s not freezing out. I just wish I didn’t feel so yuck.

Ok, I’ll stop being a girl for a second and talk about something FUN!

Not only is it the first day of April, but it is also April’s Fool Day. Have you ever wondered where this day originated from? ME TOO! So I went looking for the answer and this is where I found from National Geographic:

April Fools’ Day Origins a Mystery

The origins of April Fools’ Day are shrouded in mystery, experts say.

The most popular theory is that France changed its calendar in the 1500s so that the New Year would begin in January to match the Roman calendar instead of beginning at the start of spring, in late March or early April.

However word of the change traveled slowly, and many people in rural areas continued to celebrate the New Year in the spring. These country dwellers became known as “April fools,” the story goes.

Boese, who has studied the holiday’s origin, disagrees with that interpretation.

“[The French] theory is completely wrong, because the day that the French celebrated the beginning of the year legally was Easter day, so it never really was associated with April first,” he said.

“Traditionally it was only a legal start to the year—people in France did actually celebrate [the New Year] on January first for as long as anybody could remember.”

Boese believes instead that April Fools’ Day simply grew out of age-old European spring festivals of renewal, in which pranks and camouflaging one’s identity are common.

Leave it to the French to be credited for this Holiday, the most depressed country in the world LOL! I’ve never really tried to fool anyone, because they’ll see it coming and what’s the fun in that? However, that doesn’t mean others haven’t executed a well planned out pranks.

So share, what’s been your best April Fools? 

Spring XOXO


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