Beauty & Girly Things: LA Girls Pro.conceal HD

Beauty & Girly Things - LA Girls Concealer

I found the LA Girls Pro.conceal HD at a beauty supply store by my house for $2.50. Since I’m in the kick of trying everything once, I picked it up. I’ve been enjoying their nail polish line, why not try their face line?

Normally I don’t buy bargain face products, because in short, they don’t work. I have two dark spots on my face that are almost impossible to cover without looking like you have 30 pounds of make-up on.

In this case thought, the concealer works! I was stunned. I’ve never had a bargain product work so well. It covered my dark spots leaving my face look fresh, bright, and light. I wish I would have taken a picture of my makeup this morning. You can’t see, not even trace of, my dark spots.

So you can get a better idea on how the concealer works, watch this YouTube review:

This product is available in 18 different shades and it’s at .25 oz (8g) tube.

You can buy it online directly from LA Girl for $5.00 but I found it at for $2.99.

Has anyone else tried it? Share your review below. 

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