I Won A Cricut Mini!

St Pattys Bonjour

How are you in this fine Tuesday morning? I hope y’all had a wonderful Holiday weekend. I worked so I didn’t get to enjoy being actually lazy lol

I have THE best news! For me of course but I still wanted to share it with y’all.

1. I bought the phone of my dreams (for now), a Samsung Galaxy S3! It’s my new precious. I’ll take pictures of it, and it’s awesome cover tonight to share, but for now this is what it looks like:

Samsung Galazy S3

Yes it’s in white. I don’t know why, I love white phones. My first BlackBerry was white and I was obsessed with it.

2. I won a Cricut Mini! Thank you to the wonderful people over at Utah Sweet Savings for hosting the contest. It was a super exciting surprise to open my email before going to bed last night and seeing their email. EEEP!

Cricut Mini

If you don’t know what a Cricut is, in essence is an electronic cutting machine. It allows you to easily cut any project you have in mind. Check out the video below:

Now you may be wondering, how did I win this awesome piece of electronic? Simple, I follow Cricut’s Pinterest. But more specifically, I follow their Contest and Giveaway Board. I entered every contest they post and this time, I got lucky. But trust me, I worked for it. I was on this like white on rice LOL.

Let me take a moment, and plug Utah Sweet Savings. Not only do they bring us some pretty good deals, but they also have some incredible Giveaways. I know they just gave a Kindle Fire, and currently hosting Michael’s $5,000 2013 Ultimate Wedding Contest. I encourage everyone to visit their site daily! 

Ahhh I’m so excited and I can’t wait to get my Cricut Mini. There’s so much I want to make, and so much I want to do.

What should I make first?

St Pattys XOXO Dee

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