DIY Photobooth & Props


Back in September 2012, my sister turned 30. I know my 30th celebration wasn’t too thrilling, and because of that, we wanted hers to be special. It’s not every day you have such a meaningful birthday. We hosted her a Vintage Carnival Theme Birthday Party. I went crazy making decorations, and not to toot my own horn, everything came out pretty darn awesome.

One of the things I wanted to make, for the celebration was a photobooth. I have a DSLR Nikon Camera, so I knew the pictures were going to come out great. Besides, what’s a carnival without a photobooth, right? Though I must admit, I did have an ulterior motive. One of the things my sister and I share is our passion of photography. I guess it’s in our blood. We love pictures, and documenting memories. So this idea, was not only because it’s just fun, but it’s something for my sister to keep forever.

My mother, being old school and not understanding how parties are today, argued with me entire time and insisted that it was a stupid idea. Of course I proved her wrong, thank you very much. At the end of the party she apologized and told me, I did a wonderful job with everything. She specially loved how much fun everyone had taking photobooth pictures. That’s right, the worlds most annoying woman, my mother, gave me a huge compliment. PRAISE JESUS!

At first I was just going to buy a prop kit I saw in Party City. But then I started googling and discovered a wonderful DIY blog, Oh Happy Day, and an awesome prop tutorial. Wait a minute, I could do this! And I did. I followed her instructions and this is my end result. I did use paper straws instead of the wooden dowels she suggests.

Not all the props are from Oh Happy Day, I just can’t remember where I found the lips and stashes. So I apologize for not giving credit.

Get your own Oh Happy Day FREE printable Photobooth props:

I also found Chalk Board Bubble Props at Party City for $8.99. So those were included in the mix. I will admit, they are not very well made, but they got the job done and people had fun writing silly things on them.

The photobooth and prop signs, I photoshop them together myself inspired by something I found in google images. Yeah, I’m crafty that way lol

For the booth background I used matte gift wrapping paper I found at Party City for I think $1.

The bunting banner across, I made with stock paper, a whole puncher, and cord I found at the $.99 store.

I’m a firm believer that you can make anything you set your mind to. You’ll be so proud of yourself when you’re done, and didn’t spend a ridiculous amount of money to make something beautiful and fun.

Next time, I’ll share the Mason Jar favors I made. Super easy!

What do you think of the props? Have you ever made a DIY Photobooth? 


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