Nerd Gift Ideas!

Do you have a nerd in your life? A fangirl or a fanboy? You know, the kind that’s obsessed with a show or movie so much, that when they talk about the characters they sound like they are discussing a real person? No, I’m not like that why would you think that? {shifty eyes} If you do have someone that sounds like this, then I have a great gift idea for you.

ROBES! No, not just any robe of course. A robe of their favorite show. Like these:

Aren’t they COOL!? I don’t know about you, but I would LOVE the TARDIS robe from Doctor Who (Police Box).

Now a days you could practically find them anywhere, but I will recommend one of my favorite online nerd stores EVER, ThinkGeek. And here you go  a $10Off coupon code to the site. Use unique code FRACTAL@CZKWH5 for $10 off $60+ orders (not including shipping), good through 11:59pm ET 11/22/12.

I hope you’re enjoying my Gift Ideas. We’ll see what I come up with next.

Anyone going to hit any Black Friday sales?

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