Unboxing | Lootcrate February 2017

After a break from the Lootcrate unboxing, we are back! I didn’t have a January one because it was stolen not once, but twice. I never received it. So we’ll start the year with the February 2017 box themed, Build. Sorry about the hot mess. I had just come home from the gym. I know,…


This one goes out to you Looters. We are showing off Monica’s July 2015 LootCrate box themed Heroes. Take a look: Favorite Item – EXCLUSIVE TV Series Batman Q-Pop Figure (Quantum Mechanix): HOLY HEART ATTACK BATMAN!!! I was actually so excited about this I might have drooled on myself a little. I wish I was joking….

Christmas Photo Challenge Day 16

Day 16: Ornament. Our tree is filled with random ornaments. From a Dunkin Donuts coffee cup to dolls. Yup dolls. So it’s not odd that Batman is watching over our tree lol 

Nerd Gift Ideas!

Do you have a nerd in your life? A fangirl or a fanboy? You know, the kind that’s obsessed with a show or movie so much, that when they talk about the characters they sound like they are discussing a real person? No, I’m not like that why would you think that? {shifty eyes} If you…