Healthy Festival Food | Part Two

Street Festivals, how I love thee and your delicious food! One of my favorite festivals in town is the Hoboken Arts & Music Festival. Last year, I went on a hunt for guilty-free foods at Street Festivals (see here). This year I did the same. And there were some pleasant additions to our festival menu. Who’s excited?…

Recipe: Tomato Soup

It’s that time of year in New Jersey; fresh, juicy, sweet, delicious Jersey tomatoes are ripe for the picking. So let’s make some soup, why not, right? This recipe is so easy and super yummy. Look at these beauties! What you’ll need: 5+ lbs of tomatoes cut into quarters (go crazy, mix varieties) Fresh garlic; about…

October Photo Challenge: Day 7

DAY SEVEN: Path. Here’s the path to the PATH. Did I just make your brain hurt? lol. For those that don’t know the PATH is the “subway” that connects NJ to various spots in NYC. Is not a long line but super convenient. I just loathe the recent price increase.

Zumba Pool Party!

Are you in the Hudson County area of New Jersey? If so, we cordially invite you to a Zumba Pool Party! Make it a family affair and bring the entire family! We welcome ages 8 and older. Space is limited. Anyone insterested should contact Zumba Fitness With Glory.

Please Help Hurricane Sandy Victims!

There’s still tons of people suffering here in the Northeast of the US, from the devastating events of Hurricane Sandy. I encourage everyone, if you can’t donate money, donate your time and volunteer. I did a simple google search and tons of things came up. Here is a list: If you’re in the NYC area the NYC…