Father & Daughter Dance Songs

Happy Wedding Wednesday! Since it’s Father’s day this weekend, we are going to celebrate Wedding Wednesday with nothing better than Father and Daughter wedding dances, and music. Here is a compilation of our top 12 Father and Daughter Wedding Dance Songs in the link below: Ok, if you’re anything like me, then your eyes are leaking…

Help Us Win!

Happy Fri-yay guys! We need your help. As a joint contest venture we entered a Zumba contest. It’s for the Ricky Martin song, “La Mordidita.” We are trying to make the top 10, would you pretty like out video? Click on the image above, and hit the blue “LIKE” button to vote. While you’re there…

Hoboken Spring Arts & Music Festival 2015

It’s a gorgeous day here in the NYC area and I took a stroll around the Hoboken Spring Arts & Music Festival 2015 going on today. Here’s some pictures I took today. It’s eight blocks filled with great food, beautiful art, and tons of wonderful music. How’s your weekend? Go out there and enjoy yourselves….

Coachella Fashion

Just because we are on the east coast, doesn’t mean we can’t day dream about going to the Coachella. The weekend long festival, is not only known for it music, but also for the fashion. In a nutshell is a bohemians dream come true. From flower crowns, to fringes, and metallic tattoos. It a place…

Book Playlist

It’s no surprise that I love to read. Through out the past year I’ve been reading stories set in small farming towns. I’ve discovered a lot of amazing authors and I’ve fallen in love with the characters, and places I wish were real. I was raised in a place where my backyard was the biggest…

Happy Record Store Day!

Put your iPods away, and break out a record! Visit your local Vinyl store and listen to music how it’s supposed to be heard. To find a participating store visit Record Store Day. The picture of the record player above, I took where else? Urban Outfitters lol (I really want it!) XOXOX Dee

November Photo Challenge Day Six

Day 6: Music. Funny that today’s challenge is music. Funny because I am currently watching my favorite music award show, the CMA Awards. I was lucky to attend the 39th Annual CMAs when they came to NYC. This is the program they gave me as I walked in. Good times!

Song Of The Day: Flogging Molly

“Cause we find ourselves in the same old mess, singing drunken lullabies!!!” I love this song! Celtic Punk always gets to me. Happy St. Patty’s! I’m going pinching men in kilt today LOL Kidding 😉