Happy Six Months Kenzie!

Today our Kenzie turns six months. She’s growing up too fast! But soooo cute at the same time. She sit, holds her own bottle, and has been spoon fed since she was 3 months. I love my niece! XOXOXO Dee

Christmas Photo Challenge Day 6

Day 6: Stockings. It’s my Kenzie’s first Christmas and I’ve been looking for her first Ornament. This one is at the top of my list {so far}.

Happy 5 Month Birthday My Mackenzie

My Toothless Queen is 5 months today. She’s getting so big and soon I won’t be able to call her “My Toothless Queen”. LOVE YOU MY SWEETNESS!

November Photo Challenge Day Eight

Day 8: Someone I miss… My Toothless Queen and My Wookie. Aka my niece and nephew. I horribly miss them when I don’t see them (I do see them weekly, I’m just a selfish aunt). On the plus side, I’ll have them for 7 days straight since we are leaving for our Florida Vacation tomorrow…