Happy 11 Month Birthday!

Today my tiny weirdo turns 11 months old. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since she was born. Time does fly! We are in full swing preparing for her first birthday party, and can’t believe it’s just a month away. So currently my world is surrounded in red, white, and blue. She was…

Happy Ten Month Kenzie!

I can’t believe my niece is ten months old today! Soon we’ll be celebrating her first birthday. Ugh! Don’t want to think about it. Love this tiny weirdo! XOXOXO Auntie Dee

Happy 9 Month Birthday Kenzie!

Happy Birthday 9 month birthday to my beautiful niece. My heart and soul. My sweet girl. Auntie loves you! XOXOXO Dee

Happy 8 Months Birthday Kenzie!

Today my niece turned 8 months… She’s growing TOO fast. Waaaaaa! I wish time would slow down a bit so I could enjoy her more. XOXOXO Auntie Dee

Happy Seven Months Kenzie!

Today the queen of my world turned seven months old, my niece Kenzie. Time is flying! It seems like just yesterday she was being born. Next thing she’ll be one and running all over the place. My sister was a meany and forgot to send me a picture of her today, so I took one…

Happy Six Months Kenzie!

Today our Kenzie turns six months. She’s growing up too fast! But soooo cute at the same time. She sit, holds her own bottle, and has been spoon fed since she was 3 months. I love my niece! XOXOXO Dee