Jeff the Spin the Bottle Elf

Oy! What on earth? Is Jeff and his pose really playing spin the bottle with the Christmas Hula Twins and Pink Doll? I hate to see what they do when I am sleeping lol

Wrecking Ball Jeff

I’m afraid Jeff has been spending way too much time on YouTube because this morning I woke up to him swinging from an ornament ball belting out, “I came in like a wrecking ball”. Why me? Ugh! Horrid song

Stealing Kisses Jeff

Ah-ha! Caught you stealing mom’s kisses Jeff. You got some “splaining” to do mister.

Jeff the party animal Elf

Jeff and his pose went out clubbing without me. How rude! I may have heard BubbleBee playing, “Shots! Shots! Shots!”. And Pedro the Dalek may have been chanting “CE-LE-BRATE! CE-LE-BRATE!”

Road Trip with Jeff!

Jeff decided it’s too bloody cold here and wants to head out on a road trip to Florida. And he’s from the North Pole, so you know it’s cooooold. Let’s take a ride.

Jeff the Elf at the Movies?

Well not, at the movies per say. But I woke up to Jeff watching Christmas Story. Why I’m I not surprised? Lol Fra-gee-le!