See you soon Jeff!

I’m sad and excited today. I’m sad because Jeff has left my house. And because someone stole my camera last night at the gym :(. But im excited just the same because it’s Christmas Eve. Time for family and ever lasthing memories. I can’t wait to have Jeff back next. I hope he comes visit!!!…

Happy Festivus from Jeff!

Happy Festivus everyone! Jeff is celebrating with his aluminum pole. Who wants to join him for the “Airing of Grievances”? Find out how you can too celebrate Festivus!

Jeff the Reindeer Elf

Jeff is so excited for Christmas that he’s even trying out the reindeers to make sure they are ready!

Jeff is Getting Ready!

The count down to Christmas is on and Jeff is getting ready! He’s as excited as I am! Four more days until Christmas ^_^

Doctor Jeff

Jeff and I are counting the days until the Doctor Who Christmas Special. We have our TARDIS ready! I wonder what other non threatening Christmas decoration or item is Moffat going to make us affraid of it this time?

Jeff Potter

Jeff is off to Hogwarts. I hope he gets sorted into Hufflepuff like me! Huffie Pride.