I’ve been dying to try DECIEM for a LONG time. But every time I wanted to place an order, the items I wanted went out of stock. Yes it’s that popular. BUT the wait is over because they opened their first store in the USA. And right here in NYC. SO EXCITED!

So on Friday, I made my way to buy it all! Ok not all, but to pick up those items that I’ve been DYING to test out for myself. And the snow did not stop me.

Not familiar with DECIEM? Founded in 2013, this company is not just one brand. It’s several under the DECIEM umbrella. From skincare to makeup. From hair to supplements, they have it all.

They pride themselves in being the Abnormal Beauty Company. Take a look at their behind the scenes. Founder Brandon Truaxe is a weirdo. In the best sense of the word.

The store in SOHO is located at 26 Prince Street, and I am a bit in love with it.

Deciem 1

Deciem 2

Deciem 3

Deciem 4

Deciem 5

Deciem 7

Deciem 8

Deciem 9

Deciem 10

Deciem 11

Deciem 12

Deciem 13

Deciem 14

The Ordinary seems to have the most products in the collection. So the entire back of the store is dedicated to it. One of their most popular products is their foundation. Not only do they carry light (serum), and full coverage formulas; they each have over 20 shades.

Deciem 6

I color matched at 2.0YG. 2 is for medium tone and YG for yellow-gold. Yes they make it THAT easy for you to understand their shade selection. And whether you have a yellow, gold, pink, red, even silver undertone, they have something for you.

I did pick up both formulas to test out. Christmas week is CRAZY but I will try my very best to have a side by side comparison for you on Wednesday.

And the best part? The price. WAIT! You’re not ready for this!

I’m serious you are not!

Are you sure you want to know?

Ok don’t blame me if you have heart failure.


Are you sure?


They cost $6.70 USD!!!!!!!!!! I’ll take them all please and thank you.

I know! You are dead. I just know it. And are reading this from the beyond.

Sorry I won’t give you CPR unless you have a beard and muscles.

A woman can be picky, right?

But ok, getting back to DECIEM. Let me share with you my mini-haul:

Deciem 15

Not only did I pick up both versions of their foundation, I also picked up

I’ve already used a few of the items and I really like them! Have you tried any of the DECIEM brands?

If you’re in NYC, make sure you stop in to their store. If not, place your order online at DECIEM. I can’t wait to go back!

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  1. Thriced says:

    ugh I’ve been waiting to visit the store, but I’m worried! I have super sensitive skin meh. Hows the quality?

    1. Nerd & Lace says:

      You should go! Its super cute. They have levels of prices The Ordinary being the most affordable. I say, go and see if they have samples. With sensitive skin you have to be super careful (as I am sure you know). Try everuthing on your arm first before applying to your face. But you certainly go check out the store

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