Let’s Play With Color

I was in the mood to play with color. And in my circle there’s one Queen Bee when it comes to combining bright colors, Alisha. A few swipes up her instagram and you know she has an eye for combining shades.

So when I saw this look, I had to recreate it! It reminded me of summer. And this weekend, in the New York Tri-State, it’s our unofficial kick off to summer.

So without much of a light, and because I really like this look, I went for it. Forgive my awful picture. I just couldn’t take a good one.

Ali's Look

What I used:

For Ali’s makeup details, check out the image I linked above.

I think I did a pretty good job matching colors even if we use completely different products. What do ya’ll think? 

I’ve had the BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic palette since February and this was the first time I’ve used it. It was a gift from my Silvia from when we went to IBS NY. And I love it. Just look at it. It’s a palette that defies space and time.

BH Cosmetics Galaxy Chic

A million thanks to Ali for allowing me to recreate her look. She’s extremely talented and if you don’t believe me, check out she instagram.

I’ll be trying to copy my girls looks because they are super talented and yes you could sit with us!


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  1. Silksache't says:

    I looovveeeeee bh cosmetic platettes, they are super cheap but very good quality

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