September 2016 | Ipsy Glam Bag Showdown

Happy Fri-yay!

Could y’all believe Halloween is just around the corner? We have a ton of spooky things coming your way. But before we get to the gruesome, and horrifying, we have October’s Bridal Market next week. So stay tune for the best of the best in Bridal.

For Ipsy’s September 2016 Glam Bag, the theme was Glamazon, too glam to give a damn. 

I loved the bag itself. The items in my bag? Not so much. Take a look and you choose which one you like the best.









I personally love Silvia’s bag the best. It has great products I would actually use daily.

My favorite item? The It Cosmetics Superhero Mascara. I’ve been using it every single day. I don’t particularly like the brush all that much, but I love the formula and the consistency. I’ve been wearing it daily and and I did put it through the kickboxing and lifting test, and it passes with flying colors. So far it has never run. Not even when my face is covered in sweat.

What did you get in your September 2016 Ipsy Glam Bag? Share with us on Instagram, SnapChatTwitter, Facebook, and or/ Tumblr.

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