Getting to know Lauren Lascola

Happy Bookie Thursday everyone!

Today we don’t have a review for you. But we wanted to take a moment and sit down with Lauren Lascola-Lesczynski and get to know her a little.

No, she’s not an author, she’s just a regular person like you and I that is lucky enough to be the group administrator and personal assistant for some pretty remarkable and well known Indie Authors.

I had the utmost pleasure of getting to know her, because she is the administrator for one of the fastest growing author groups on Facebook right now, Romance & Erotica Authors Fraternity. Really it is. In just a few weeks they’ve gotten over 7,000 members. I think it’s the concept that makes them so unique and popular. They are all male authors in the romance and erotica world. Genres you generally only find female authors in.

The Frat Brothers are: BT Urruela, Mikey Lee, Sloane Howell, David Michael, Seth King, Golden Czermak, Scott Hildreth, and Darryl Banner. Between the eight of them, they cover basically all sub genres within the romance and erotica world. So if you’re a Romance and Erotica fan, visit the group and click the JOIN button. I promise, you won’t regret it.

So without further ado, let’s get to know Lauren. The Queen Bee among male authors.

DEE | Thank you SO much for doing this Lauren. Really, I know it’s your first interview ever and you feel like you are no one important. But if I was curious about you, I am sure others are too. So this is a more like a getting to know you than an interrogation.

LAUREN | Hahah ok.

DEE | Where are you from?

LAUREN | Chicago, IL

DEE | Really? That’s awesome. Always wanted to visit Chicago. Some day! How did you start in the bookie business?

LAUREN | Awww well I don’t know that I am “In the bookie business”, but I actually started out as an administrator in author Sloane Howell’s group.

DEE | Really? How did you manage to land that horrible task? Just kidding, I adore Sir Sloane. 

LAUREN | I got a message on Twitter from someone named Sloane Howell and they were asking me if I wanted to read this new book they had out (The Matriarch) and I said sure. But I might take me a minute to get to it because I was reading some other stuff; I am on some ARC review teams. Sloane was like no problem whenever you get to it is fine and then I read the book and LOVED it. He sent me his other books to read and LOVED them and this was all before he started a Facebook group and when I thought he was a girl.

DEE | #Dead OMG! You thought Sloane was a girl? I can die a happy woman with this information.

LAUREN | Well at that point he had not come out as a man so I am not the only one who thought that LOL!

DEE | To be honest, even though he’s a Frat brother, I saw the name and automatically thought he was a girl, and was confused and felt a bit dirty when I discovered he’s a 74 year old man. JUST KIDDING Sloane! But no really, I thought he was a woman too. I think it is because all the people I’ve met with that name have been female.

So you manage Sloane’s Facebook Group, and Romance & Erotica Authors Fraternity. Other Facebook groups we don’t know about?

LAUREN | I would not say manage, I help administrate those groups along with some other lovely ladies. I also admin for Celia Aaron’s group, that is Sloane’s writing bestie. Also HQ Frost and M. Dauphine; I am both their personal assistant. And help with Sloane Howell’s charity giveaway for Autoinflammatory Alliance.

DEE | WOW, You’re a busy woman! How do you manage everything?

LAUREN | Ummmm well I don’t know that I do manage all that well to be honest LOL

DEE | Stop yourself. I know you’re incredible. I have been on live feed chats, and you’re on top of it. You send links as the Frat Brothers are talking.

LAUREN | Well before each live feed I try to talk to whoever is doing it and see what they need from me and then I kind of plan out all my links and graphics and such. OR sometimes the guys will just send me what they want me to post.

DEE | That helps but you really are on top of it. I sit back and watch and it’s pretty on the money how well and flawlessly you guys work together. It’s so nice and refreshing to see.

LAUREN | Well thanks! I am glad that it comes off that way because that is how we want it to be for the members. This way they can pay attention to whoever is talking then go back and one click later when they have time. Its very important to each of the Frat Brother that they make a connection with the members and they all love doing the live feeds.

DEE | They must feel beyond lucky to have you. They better, or I’ll horribly terrorize them. How did you get involved with The Frat? Through Sloane?

LAUREN | Haha! That is actually a funny/weird story. Like a couple days before the group was formed I saw a picture of Mikey Lee with another author I love JR Gray. I commented on the picture and then like a few hours later or the next day Mikey friend requested me. Then cut to the group starting, I think I was like the 10 person to join, and I was like ohhhhhh Mikey Lee I know that name. I messaged him and was like ohhh this is a cool idea let me know if you need any help and he was like “yeah ok.” So we kept talking and found we had some mutual friends in common in the book world and the rest I guess is history. I am his personal assistant and I could not be happier about it. He is really a great guy and awesome to work for. All the guys are awesome. I actually knew David Michael as well before from some other groups and he is like beyond the BEST!!! Sometimes he just texts me selfies and it makes my day.

DEE | OK make us all jealous that you get David Michael sending you selfies. Absolutely mean (it really isn’t). BUT I love how things are just randomly meant to be. I personally feel that the Frat is one of the fastest growing and best put together author groups I have ever been a part of. It’s incredible to stand on the sidelines and watch it grow. But it must fill you with pride, working for this group.

Ok time to dish, who do you find the sexiest? The fact that they are your bosses has nothing to do with it!

LAUREN | Hahahaah I am very grateful to all the Frat Brothers for allowing me to work with them. And I will NEVER answer that question LOL!

DEE | That was a diplomatic answer. You are NO fun! JUST KIDDING! Ok let me ask this, describe each of them in one word?

LAUREN | Ohhhhh yikes!

BT: Strong

Daryl: Adorable

David: Kind

Golden: Friendly

Mikey: Amazing

Seth: Sweet

Sloane: Jokester

Scott: Hysterical

That was hard because the guys are all so great I cant just think of one word lol!

DEE | BT strong? I died at that one! But never the less true and that’s not meant just physically either. Those are pretty remarkable words to describe them all. Way to go Glenn Coco! The Frat is filled with a really great group of men. Oh we have a question for you from one of the Nerd & Lace staffers, Silvia. She wants to know, what’s the craziest comment you’ve ever had to remove if any?

LAUREN | Ummm craziest comment… we have not really had any in the Frat. Just some spammers.

DEE | How about in other groups?

LAUREN | Now that I think about it I am not sure I have ever had to delete anything other than spam. I guess that just means I am part of some really great groups šŸ™‚

DEE | That’s amazing! I love that! What was the first group you admin-ed?

LAUREN | My first group I ever admin for was Celia Aaron’s Acquisitions. She is super funny and her books are HOT!!!

DEE | Great now my massive TBR (to be read) list just grew even more. Speaking of TBR, what are you currently reading?

LAUREN | Actually an ARC (advance reading copy) of Celia’s new book that was JUST released, Kicked.

DEE | Give us a sneak behind the Wizards curtain, what’s the book about? (I actually bought it is now in my TBR pile)

LAUREN | It’s about a girl who is a kicker on a college football team and her connection to the QB of said team. Celia is great at mixing humor and sex, so I am loving it so far. I think ya’ll should pick it up for 99 pennies (shameless plug). GET IT HERE.

DEE | We encourage shameless plugs! Sounds awesome! I may have to do just that. What are some of your favorite genres to read?

LAUREN | Awwwwww that is hard to answer. I like to read everything really. I did not think I would like dark romance until I actually read it. I will really read anything.

DEE | Best Dark Romance you’ve read this year? I won’t be cruel and say best one ever.

LAUREN | Oh well I loved the Indebted Series by Pepper Winters.

DEE | You sound like you read a lot, how on earth do you have the time? What book are you patiently impatiently waiting for?

LAUREN | Ohhhh I have to make time because I am on a handful of ARC review teams I work downtown so I read on the train.

DEE | Wait, you have a day job too?

LAUREN | And I have a full time job lol! I am impatiently waiting for Mikey Lee’s Detecting Evy, which is the follow up to Detecting Lust (which is amazeballs).

He is actually shooting for this to be a 9 book series when all is said and done. I can not wait! It’s the SIN series.

DEE | Hurry up and release it already Mikey! And for crying out loud write faster. Even in your sleep. Ok one more question, any advice you have for anyone wanting to become a PA or admin for authors?

LAUREN | Yikes! I don’t know I think I kind of fell into it to be honest. I would just encourage others to be supportive of the authors they like and review every book you read. Reach out to an author that you love. Let them know you love their book. Authors appreciate that kind of stuff. They are busy but it’s been my experience that even if it takes them weeks they will always respond.

DEE | Excellent advice! Thank you SO much for doing this. See it wasn’t that bad right

LAUREN | LOL, no it was good. Thanks for thinking I am interesting.

DEE | On behalf of anyone that has gotten to be around you, I say, you rock!

LAUREN | Well thanks!

Well there you have it party people. Don’t you just want to cuddle on a couch with Lauren and watch Gilmore Girls with her? I do!

To find out more about the Romance & Erotica Authors Fraternity, join their Facebook group.

Have questions for Lauren? Sounds off below or on Instagram, SnapChatTwitter, Facebook, and or/ Tumblr.


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    Oh, Lauren… What would we do without you? You just earned yourself a selfie!

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