Jackson’s Trust by Violet Duke

Jackson's Trust by Violet Duke

By Violet Duke

  • Series: Fourth Down
  • Publisher: Loveswept
  • Publication Date: March 8, 2016
  • Sold by: Random House LLC
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance, Sports

It’s no secret that sports analyst Jackson Gray doesn’t do relationships. What is a secret, however, is the reason why. Jackson’s life is . . . complicated. And it doesn’t help that his current hands-off “friendship” is with the cute-as-hell new sideline reporter he’s assigned to train. Turns out, not only is the woman damn sweet, she also knows as much about football as he does. Like it or not though, Jackson has to remind himself that sex is the only thing he has to offer . . . until now.

Leila Hart’s fast-growing friendship with Jackson is something she’d never risk, no matter how unbelievably seductive the reward. Becoming an NFL sportscaster has always been the goal, and thanks to Jackson’s fierce support and mentoring, it all finally seems within reach. Problem is, a girl can only take so much of that sexy-as-sin voice whispering dirty, filthy football stats in her ear before she loses all self-control. A workplace romance with Jackson is a disaster waiting to happen, especially for someone with big dreams . . . and secrets of her own.


Remember how I said I had a love-hate relationship with the last book I reviewed for May The Best Man Win by Mira Lynn Kelly? Well that was me being dramatic, because I wanted the characters to get together and they were being hard headed. But I really have a love-hate relationship with Jackson’s Trust by Violet Duke. I know, I’m so sorry, not every book can be a 4 out of 5 Nerd Glasses review. And as much as I loathe writing these kind of reviews, this is a place where we share our honest opinions with you. So that’s exactly what I am going to do.

Let’s start from the beginning. Jackson and Leila are two extremely intelligent and successful people. Jackson, for his own reasons, doesn’t do relationships. Leila is trying to be taken seriously as a sideline reporter for a big name sports channel. Which let’s face it, having smart women that know the game on the sidelines, is NOW becoming a thing. In the past, it has just been a pretty face that can distinguish a home run from a touchdown.

Unlike what the books blurb claims, I never felt that they were ever friends. They had the hots for each other from day one, and a steamy scene in his office proves that. As much as one person tries, when you have the hots for someone, you can’t just be their friend. It’s almost impossible. Trust me, I’m the professional girl in the boys club. It’s not like they sat there and talked about their relationship woes, and went out for froyo to talk about their feelings. Their “friendship” was more of a waiting game until they gave into the lust. Which is exactly what happened.

I have to give credit to Ms. Duke for well researched and beyond intelligent characters. I loved that they were smart and were not afraid to show you that. But at times it felt like they were almost too perfect. Like they could do NO wrong. And when they made a mistake it wasn’t one of those, “GASP OMG!” moments. It was more like, “Really? Where did that come from?”.

There was something BIG that happens towards the end of the book that came out of left field. No, I did not see it coming, but again it wasn’t a GASP, but more like a “Seriously, why?” moment. It felt almost like it was an after thought because the characters were too perfect and they needed a conflict in there somewhere.

Every time I read one of Violet Dukes books, I feel like something is missing from her writing. I can’t pin point what it is. But there’s something that’s definitely not there. I do love her characters and that’s what keeps me going back to her books. They are funny, smart, interesting, and you really can’t wait to see how they all find their happily ever after (HEA). It almost feels like she spends most of her efforts in character developing.

Now, not everything is bad about this book. Like I said, I do looove her characters and Jackson’s friends are a blast. I mean, I want to be in their boys club. It sounds like it would be amazing having them as my dudes. And the characters alone make me to give this book 3 Nerd Glasses out of 5. The story however, left me feeling a little flat. But even with that, I am looking forward to Bennett’s book due out early next year. It sounds good, so we shall see!

Remember this is just my personal opinion, I know plenty of people that loved this story, and it actually has 4.5 starts on Amazon. So if you’re one of the ones that did love this story, share your why with us. Would love to hear it. Share with us below, on Instagram, SnapChat, Twitter, Facebook, and or/ Tumblr.

Before we go, just reminding everyone that we are holding a Summer Reading Challenge. It’s never to late to join.


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