Elisabetta Polignano’s Bridal Collections 2017

Happy Wedding Wednesday!

Today we are sharing with you Elisabetta Polignano’s Bridal Collections 2017. It was a pleasure meeting her during April’s Bridal Market. Elisabetta is the kind of designers that is usually early to the party. She designs collections that will eventually become the trend and that’s why I adore her designs. She’s a visionary and ahead of the curve!

Elisabetta Polignano Words

Her 2017 collection, presented in Milan, expressed the classicism of fresh and romantic femininity. And it was an ode to true love and a tribute to all women, to the uniqueness of their essence and their authenticity.

In other words, this collection is for the classic bride that likes to break the rules. Take a look!

My top three gowns are… drum rolls please!?




Photography by Alex Olgiati

The dresses come in a variety of shapes: soft, slinky and voluminous, but also geometric and sculpted. They are full of special details, such as removable overskirts that allow them to be ‘transformed’ into evening gowns, exquisite embroidery, and romantic elements that evoke flowers with large petals, contrasting with stylized and eye-catching bows. Chiffon, georgette, organza and silk Mikado, fil coupé fabrics, and the timeless elegance of lace: all fabrics are strictly 100% made in Italy and entirely hand-worked in every phase, from concept to finished article. The dominant colors are extremely refined: silk white, biscuit ivory and shades of pink, turquoise, and ultramarine blue.

Great balance and harmony. I have always loved Japan, I am fascinated by its culture, its wonders, and its striking, lavish landscape.

For more information on this collection, visit Elisabetta Polignano’s website.

Ok, time for you to share with us, which one is your favorite gown? Share your thoughts with us below, on InstagramSnapChat, Twitter, Facebook, and/or Tumblr.


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