Best Thing I Ate This Weekend

Happy Monday y’all. Go out there and crush it! We hope you had an amazing Father’s Day!

Today I wanted to share some of my best eats from this past weekend. Normally I eat at home because I can control what goes in the food. But once in a while there’s a weekend where I let loose and eat out. This was that weekend and I want to share with you.


With 12 locations throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania, Turning Point makes Breakfast, Brunch, and Lunch a treat.

I ordered the Basic Skillet with avocados because you know I’m obsessed with them and it was delicious!


And because my life is not complete without coffee, I ordered the Hawaiian Kona Coffee. Oh baby give it to me!


Their menu is pretty well rounded. They have vegetarian dishes, as well as dishes for those with gluten allergies. A kids menu is available, and there’s a “Good For You” healthy menu too.


I don’t know if this place relocated within Hoboken, but all I remember is one day it wasn’t there and then the next I was walking past it and it was PACKED. There was an actual line to get in. Crazy! And every time I’ve walked by since, it has always been crowded. So I’ve been meaning to try it, and this weekend I did.

I order a falafel sandwich with hummus, baba ganouj, and feta cheese.


It was so good! I finally understood why it is always packed. Totally worth the crowds. Plus, it’s really inexpensive. Two bottles of water and two sandwiches only cost $12 USD. Amazing, right!

Obviously we ate vegetarian but they do have a full menu. And they also have 6 locations throughout NYC and NJ.

So, now it’s time for you to share with us. What’s the best thing you ate lately?

Bon appetit!

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