Bound to Be Dirty by Savanna Fox

Bound to Be Dirty by Savanna Fox

By Savanna Fox

As the women in the Dirty Girls Book Club open each new selection of erotica, they also open up their minds to sexual adventure…

Lily Nyland married sexy bad boy Dax Xavier because he made her dreams come true—in bed and out. But after a decade of marriage, her helicopter bush pilot husband spends more time in the remote wilderness than heating things up in her bedroom. The best sex she’s enjoyed recently comes from the Dirty Girls Book Club’s erotic selections.Still, when the club chooses Bound to Be Dirty, Lily’s skeptical. As a family practice doctor and a fiercely independent woman, the theme doesn’t exactly resonate with her.

But then Dax, home for the Christmas holiday, startles her by spicing up their sex life with naughty tricks that make her wonder if he snuck a peek at her book. Even more shocking, Lily finds herself turned on by their erotic experimentation. Kinky sex may be enough to rekindle the passion in their marriage, but can it restore the deeper bonds of love and trust?


Hello my preciousses! This week I am sharing with you Bound to Be Dirty by Savanna Fox. I ordered this book months and months ago because it was on sale and who am I to go against a good book sale? Having my credit card information on file at a B&N is both the best and worst decision that I’ve made.

Bound to Be Dirty is the third book in The Dirty Girls Book Club, a series that I hadn’t heard of before. We all know how much I like jumping into the middle of a series-I don’t. It makes things confusing and it annoys me. Luckily it wasn’t the case with Bound. I was pleasantly surprised to find myself being completely sucked into the relationship of Lily Nyland and Dax Xavier.

Lily Nyland is a doctor from a family of doctors that specialize in certain fields. She’s the black sheep because she went into family practice, she opened her own clinic and volunteers at a low income clinic in the city but her parents look down their nose at her regardless. Ugh, rich parents. Dax Xavier is a bad boy bush pilot that sweeps Lily off her feet during summer camp when they were teenagers. Yes, this is exactly what you think it is. Good girl fell for the bad boy and it caused a rift between her family. As cliché as it sounds, Fox was able to build their characters and make them real people. People that I got attached to.

The blurb made it sound like Lily and Dax’s marriage was saved by having kinky sex after Dax finds a copy of Bound by Desire (a book within a book, it’s Bookception) making him think that she’s suddenly into bondage and that’s why she’s not into him anymore. Personally I think it doesn’t do the actual story any justice. I went into this book thinking I was going to end up rolling my eyes and huff about how cheesy everything was (I’m looking at you This Man, yes I am still bitter about that book). I haven’t been so happy about being wrong in a while.

When Lily and Dax fight, you’re there fighting with them and for them. When she cries, you cry and when he is frustrated, you’re frustrated too. I just want them to be as in love as they were all those years ago. There were some parts where I wanted to slap Lily for jumping to conclusions so quickly. Dax too. They did what, I’m guessing, a lot of married couples do; assuming instead of asking what’s going on. Their jobs are so different from one another that it’s not surprising that having a long-distance/see you in three months marriage puts a heavy strain on both of them. It’s up to them to lighten that strain and make it work.

Also, Dax is hot so I would definitely want to work it out with him. If Lily doesn’t want him, I’ll take him. I’m just sayin’.

There are three other women in the book club that you somewhat get to know. They’re there to support Lily when she confesses that her and Dax are having some serious marital problems.  Women supporting women in their time of need instead of dragging each other down. I like that.

I give this book four Tacos out of the Taco Scale of Awesome. This is a story of falling out of love and falling back in love that has some pretty steamy sexy times along the way. It shows the reader that rebuilding a crumbling relationship takes a lot of hard (pun not intended, okay maybe a little) work. That it takes more than just tying your partner up during the frick frack to fix a marriage. That sometimes you have to talk about what’s really important to one another, not ignore it and hope for the best. All the characters, except for her parents, are likable and I wouldn’t mind spending time with them.

If you’re looking for an erotica novel with heart, I suggest you give Bound to Dirty a shot.

Until next time. Mon, over and out.

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