IBSNY: Kashmir Keratin

When you’re press at any show, you get pulled into random booths. It feels amazing when brands want to show you their product and what it can do. This was the case with Kashmir Keratin.

Kashmir Booth

We were looking for lashes, because Glory needed them. And she happened to be wearing this blue lipstick that got the attention of the man behind Kashmir Keratin. This worked to our benefit because we discovered a brand we would have sadly skipped over.

They gave us a demo, again using my hair, because not only is my hair long, but I have split ends and I am not ashamed to admit that. (Yes, I need a hair cut. Badly.) She first put on The 1 Keratin Treatment, and then their Keratin Serum on my dry ends. Automatically you could see the difference. Actually, you couldn’t even see the split-ends. And then she flat ironed my ends, and WOW! My hair looked like mink and felt beyond soft.

Dee After Hair

So they gave use some samples to try: shampoo, leave-in, and serum.


I took some pictures before washing my hair for comparison. I had just gotten home from the gym, and while at the gym, I keep my hair in a high braid. This is what it normally looks like when I let it loose. I took these with the back camera of my Samsung Galaxy Note 5. Not the selfie cam because the quality is better.

As you could see it looks dry and the split ends are on fleek. Not something I’m proud of, but if you’re going to have split ends, they better be on fleek. Yes, my hair is normally healthy. I don’t color treat it, use hairspray, mousse, or gel. Nor do I give it much heat. But it still looks a bit dry.

I just washed my hair, and as I am sitting here writing this, I am letting it air dry. When I washed my hair, it felt SO clean it squeaked. I had to use about half the bottle they gave me because again, I have long, thick hair, and lots of it.

I was a little worried using only shampoo because I NEED to use conditioner. If not, my hair looks like I electrocuted myself. But the moment, I put on the leave-in, my hair instantly detangled, and felt super soft. I did not need conditioner.

As I previously mentioned, I will let it air dry over night and see how it looks in the morning. My hair needs at least 10 hours to fully air dry, not kidding. It’s that thick. What I could say at this point is that it looks soft and really shinny. It also looks and feels healthy.

Ok going to bed now, and I’ll finish this in the morning… to be continued.

Good morning beautiful people! My hair dried over night and this is was it looks like. Again, I used the back camera of my Samsung Galaxy Note 5:

I see the difference, it looks healthy and it has life. It also feels soft and silky and I love it. I know when I blow it out, it’s going to be amazing and look fantastic. I’ll make sure to share a blow out picture on our instagram. Blowing out my hair will take me a few hours. Not kidding.

Here’s some specs on these products:

  • Shampoo: Sulphate and paraben-free. It removes impurities from the hair while simultaneously trapping in moisture, leaving hair feeling soft and looking vivacious. By using the restorative nature of keratin, Kashmir Keratin Shampoo rejuvenates hair.
  • The 1 Keratin Hair Treatment: This non-wash mask provides 12 benefits in 1: Repairs and restores dry and damaged hair. Gives shine and control. Protects against the heat of blow dryers, hair straighteners, etc. Makes combing easier, as well as the use of blow dryers and hair straighteners. Perfect, long lasting styling. Detangles hair. Treats split ends. Gives hair body and volume. Lengthens the life span if hair straightening treatments. Prevents split ends and strengthens broken and damaged hair.
  • Keratin Hair Serum: Sulphate and Paraben Free. Eliminates frizz. This non-oily formula also protects hair against harmful elements of the environment such as UV rays, leaving hair healthy, smooth and luminous.

Want to try these products for yourself? Get them here.

Have you tried Kashmir Keratin? What do you think? Sound off below!

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