Beauty Review: Tweexy

Happy Fri-yay! So excited for this weekend, because we’ll be attending IBS New York. Make sure you follow us on Instagram to see what kind of mischief we get into.

Ok, on today’s vlog, I am reviewing the nail polish holder, Tweexy. I fell in love with it instantly. Not only are they cute, but I needed to know how they worked. So here I have the answer for you. Chec-chec-check it out!

After I finished filming I realized that I never tested with different shaped bottles of polish. Will they fit? They did! Look at all these random bottles I tried and what do you know, they fit in perfectly.

The one that surprised me the most, was the Trust Fund polish bottle; it’s a wide and square. But as you could see, the Tweexy held it in place beautifully.

So what do y’all think? Cute? Waste of money? Sound off below!

Need to have Tweexy in your life? Visit their website or buy it directly from Amazon. Which color are you getting?

Until next time!

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