Our Favorite Christmas Ornaments

Merry Christmas Eve y’all! I had the pleasure of spending my morning with my sister Danessa, my niece Kenzie, Silvia and her family. And then we went to visit my newest niece Olivia. It was an incredible morning!

Before we take a Christmas break, we wanted to share with y’all our favorite Christmas ornaments, and why.



This ornament belonged to Ange’s best-friend, Shannon, mom. Her name was Mary and sadly she is no longer with us. During Ange’s Christmakkuh Tree trimming party, Shannon’s sister, gave it to Ange. It’s a beyond meaningful ornament. Plus it plays Elvis music. So its perfect.



This ornament doesn’t need much explanation. This was the key to Danessa and her husband Matthew’s first place. It’s particularly meaningful this year, since they are working on buying their own house.



Glory loves this ornament because her son Jaden made it for her at school last year. He was so excited when he gave it to her. That’s why its beyond irreplaceable to her.


This ornament was made by Mon’s son, Moose, during his first grade. And because I LOVE to embarrass her, here is one of her that she made when she was in the third grade. Look a wittle Taco!


This was from Silvia and her husband Tom first Christmas as parents. They happen to have given birth to a Storm Trooper. Who would have thought?! 😂

I simply love this ornament because its my nieces hand print during her first Christmas. In my opinion, the best ornament ever.

Now its your turn to show us your favorite Christmas ornament and why. Tag us on Instagram or on social media use the hashtag #nerdandlace.

Merry Christmas!

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