Author Feature: Chris Paras

Happy Bookie Thursday ya’ll! On my stop during New York’s ComicCon, I met several amazing people. One of them is author Chris Paras.


No one’s surprised that I took a selfie with him, right? He has one book published, according to his amazon author profile, Chris is:

Dr. Chris Paras is an assistant professor of medicine and practicing endocrinologist on Long Island, NY. He earned his bachelor of arts degree in history and biology, at New York University. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, he is a first generation Greek-American. His interest and passion for medicine is paralleled by his love of history and mythology. His focus has consistently been the origins of the most ancient civilizations and their respective mythologies, and what their influence has been on the modern world. His studies on the parallels and contrasts of mythological heroes and villains, and their socio-political foundations inspired much of this series.

And now he is taking on writing. Is there nothing this man can’t do? Let me tell you about his book:

By Chris Paras

  • Published Date: May 29, 2014)
  • Genre: Fantasy

Renowned archaeologist Dr. Steven Carning has been dreaming of discovery. Now, with his team of graduate students he makes the discovery of a lifetime under the Great Sphinx. A hall of knowledge, left behind by an ancient civilization, older than can be imagined and lost to time. Now, as his team is scrambling to understand this fantastic find, Steven undertakes translating the works of this lost civilization. Through this translation, Steven is looking through a window over 13,000 years old, understanding the roots of some of mankind’s greatest civilizations. As the story of this lost era of man unfolds for Steven, mysterious forces are also watching with eager eyes, and unknown agendas. The Chronicles of Atlantis: The Age of Immortals is an exciting action tale where our long forgotten past will directly dictate the fate of mankind forever.

Available at Amazon

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