Bridal Market Day Two Recap

Happy Wednesday y’all! We’re back from covering the NY Bridal Market, aka NY Bridal Fashion Week. It was an amazing five days, and we have SO much to share with you. I hope you’re following our Instagram. Lots on there and we’re not even close to being done.

So here’s the recap for day two.

I started the day early at The Plaza Hotel for the BERTA show. It was INCREDIBLE! From the setting, to the amazing gowns, to the gorgeous crowns by Maria Elena, I was in love with this majestic experience. Take a look:

Then we moved across town for the Ines Di Santo show. I actually Periscoped the show. Here’s the feed:

After a short stop to charge phones and get some food into our system. I tagged along with Sara from Forks n’ Brides and I visited the Victor Harper, Simone Carvalli, and Yumi Katsura showroom. There were SO many gowns to see and fall in love with. But I did chose my favorites from each collection:

Victor Harper

Simone Carvalli

Yumi Katsura

At this point, I needed a quick shopping break, and I’m so glad I made it to H&M. The skies opened up and it was a monsoon in New York City. I waited for the rain to slow down, before heading to the Galia Lahav show at the New York City Public Library. Rain didn’t damper how amazing this show was. Take a look:

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You guys… @galialahav

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Was my day over after this? Of course not silly goose! I ran across town to make it to the JLM press show. I never-ever expected to make it. So I sent our Content Contributor, Danessa, to cover it for me. But luckily, they delayed the showing because of the rain. But in my world, they were waiting for me to arrive (let me live in my fantasy world). I made it with just two minutes to spare! There were no Ubers, or cabs around so I literally had to run across town.

My phone and camera were dead at this point so I don’t have much from the press show. But no worries, I did visit their show rooms this past Monday, and we have amazing gown pictures. We will be sharing them with y’all on our day five recap.

Here’s a few shots from the JLM Press show:

Epic fish face selfie with Hayley Paige and Jim Verraros! Life shines brighter when they’re around!

At this point I had all the champagne I could, mingled and took selfies with the genius’ behind the designs.

It was a long amazing day, and guess what? There are still three more days just like this one to tell you all about. Day three recap coming later on today!

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