Zombie Cake Tutorial

Today my sweet boy, my Wookie, turns 16. Shocking, I haven’t slit my wrists yet. But then again, is still early.

To celebrate my nephew’s, Eric, Sweet 16 (he’ll just love I phrased it that way #sarcasm), I slaved all night to bake him a cake.

TA-DA! I think this is my best experience as a baking goddess. Not to worry, I am going to teach you how to make this masterpiece!

First step, get all your ingredients lined up.

Second step, screw it all and put it all in the baking pan and serve yourself some wine.

Third step, drink entire bottle and drown your depressed behind, because your baby is growing up.

And there you have it, my Zombie Cake Tutorial.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY WOOKIE! You may be a dull and boring teenager, but you are loved and have the world coolest aunt #justsaying. An aunt that loves you with every fiber of her soul. Stop growing!

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