Book Review: Eight Second Angel

Eight Second Angel by Jessie Evans

The Ballad of Lily Grace
by Jessie Evans

  • Series: Lonesome Point Book #9
  • Publisher: Self Taught Ninja
  • Published: July 28, 2015
  • Genre: Western Romance
  • Book Length: Novella

Love is heaven that hurts like hell…

Rodeo cowboy Canyon O’Donnell is a champion with more national titles than any pro bull rider in history. He’s also one week away from ending his own life. Haunted by mistakes from his past, Canyon isn’t looking for redemption, let alone love. But when a beautiful girl with her own tragic past practically falls into his lap, he can’t resist taking her under his wing. He can’t promise her forever, but maybe he can help ease her pain.

A little over a year ago, Lily Lawson was murdered. Now she’s back on earth in a new body, sent to redeem a lost soul before it’s too late. But her first good will mission is complicated by a powerful attraction to the tortured cowboy she’s been sent to save. Soon she wishes she could promise Canyon forever, but she only has a few days and time is running out.

Lily’s willing to do whatever it takes to save Canyon’s life. But what if the one thing he needs—her love—is the one thing she can never give?

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How are you supposed to save the life of a man that keeps saving yours?

Lily Grace was on borrowed time to save Canyon’s life. After her tragic death, and lingering in her after life, she was given the opportunity to join the land of the living to help Canyon see that life was worth living.

Canyon was a man with a dark chip on his shoulder. He carried around the pain and guilt of his six year old son’s death. His guilt so overbearing, he didn’t feel he deserved the right to live. So he was taking matters into his own hands. Come Sunday he was checking out.

Lily had four rules: 1. She had to move quick, since she didn’t have enough time. 2. She had to do whatever it took to get the job done. 3. Her charge would be the first person she met. 4. Lily wouldn’t remember who she was in her previous life. There was just one problem… She remembered. Everything. Her life. Her love. And the one thing she’d never gotten over, leaving her two boys behind.

All Canyon wanted was to have enough money to leave his ex-wife to pay off her ranch. He wasn’t looking to let someone in because he wasn’t planning on sticking around. His life was going to end and that was the bottom line. No one was going to change his mind. No one.

What I love about this novella is that these two tragic people, at their worst time, found each other. Sure Lily was sent to change his mind about doing something so final to himself, but what really happens is they save each other.

This book is filled with a lot of heavy moments that will make you cry and will make you think. Thank you Jessie Evans for this story, and for once again making me ugly cry on the subway.

I give this book 4 Nerd Glasses out of 5. Just because I wanted more of Lily and Canyon. Yup I’m greedy like that.

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