Unique Engagement Rings

Happy Wedding Wednesday y’all!

Let’s face it, diamonds are not all girls best-friend. Shocking! But never the less true. Just don’t tell Marilyn Monroe.

There are women that would prefer a unique stone, or even a ring with a unique setting. As much as I love the classic and eternal look of a diamond, put an aquamarine or pearl ring in front of me and I swoon.

So today, I am dedicating this blog to you: the rebels, the unique souls that walk to the beat of their own drum. This is for you.

Purity, Innocence


Power, Love, Healing


Magic, Power, Protection, Healing

Love, Prosperity, Healingwpid-green-engagement-rings.jpg.jpeg

Love, Healing


Protection, Healing


These are just some examples of the endless possibilities out there. Just remember, beauty finds us in the most unexpected places, and all the rings above are truly beautiful. There will be a bride out there that will fall backwards for one of them.

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