Superhero Alphabet


Last week, my niece and I were playing her favorite game. We have wooden alphabets letter. We put them all in a bag, and she randomly picks one out at a time. She then tells me which letter she pulled out, and a word that starts with such letter. This is something I am very proud of because she JUST turned two, and has been doing it for months.

After you’ve played the game seven times in a row, your mind just starts melting. And suddenly I started naming superheros instead. So for fun, I came up with a Superhero Alphabet. Take a look:

  • A: Avengers or Aquaman
  • B: Batman
  • C: Captain America
  • D: Deadpool or Daredevil
  • E: Elektra
  • F: Flash
  • G: GI Joe
  • H: Hulk
  • I: Iron Man
  • J: Joker
  • K: Kick-Ass
  • L: Loki
  • M: Magneto or Megatron
  • N: Nebula
  • O: Optimus Prime
  • P: Penguin or Punisher
  • Q: Quicksilver
  • R: Riddler
  • S: Superman, Spider-Man, Spawn, or Storm
  • T: Thor or ThunderCats
  • U: Ultron
  • V: Venom or Voltron
  • W: Wolverine or Wonder Woman
  • X: Dr. Xavier Charles
  • Y: Yu-gi-oh! (couldn’t think of a superhero lol)
  • Z: Zorro

Next time your kiddies recite the alphabet, use these instead. It’s rather brilliant.

Speaking of Superheros, I got the best socks for the gym yesterday at Payless of all places. I only paid $3.99 USD!


Do you have your own version of the alphabet? Share it with us below or share with us on social media by using the hashtag #nerdandlace. Also, follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter.

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