The Lip Bar Truck!

Happy Saturday! Yesterday I had the opportunity to visit The Lip Bar truck at a Ricky’s NYC event. I’ve been following their tour on instagram and when I saw they were going to be in New York City, I dropped everything and headed there right after the 9-5.

I had never tried The Lip Bar products before, but after yesterday I am a big fan! Let me tell you more about this line:

Let’s face it, for years women, especially women of color, feared a bold, vibrant lip color. You stood back and watched from the sidelines, because “that color looks great on her, but I would never wear that” or  “that color would not look good on me!” Well in 2011, a Detroit native decided to put all those pitiful fears of lip color to rest; to build a company that would forever change the way you looked at lip color. A company that would introduce women of all shades to experience a lip color that was not only bold in its shade, but also healthy in its intake.

The line carries matte lipsticks, lip glosses, and lip liners.These products are also vegan, paraben free, and all natural.

I may not be a woman of color, but I certainly loved these lipsticks. I tried a few shades and all were bright and beautiful. but completely fell in love with Kiss Me.

The pigment was amazing. They were bright, but not that hurt-your-eyes, shades we tend to see. My favorite thing about the matte lipsticks is how they feel on your lips. They are light, and yes they may be matte, but they don’t have that dry tight feeling that a lot of matte lipsticks have. The reason for that may be, because one of the base ingredients, is fair trade shea butter. It keeps your lips hydrated and soft. My favorite thing about their lip glosses is how they are not sticky. The sticky factor is the reason I stopped using lip glosses all together. I hate how my hair gets stuck to it and your lips feel as if they weighed five pounds. Not these. They are light, and have amazing pigment.

I had the chance to meet and talk to creator, Melissa Butler, and she told me they are coming out with new shades, as well as, matte lip glosses. I don’t know about ya’ll but I’m excited! Besides yellow concealer, matte lip glosses are on top of my favorite beauty products.

Lip Bar 12Her inspiration on how to choose shades in her collection, is basically anything and everything. She could be walking down the street and fall in love with a color. She’ll make it in different shades. Then they have study groups where they test them on people with varied skin tones. Then they go choosing the ones that compliments all skin colors the best. Kind of brilliant, if you ask me.

I took a tour of the truck, and fell in love with it. I mean it’s a Lip Bar on wheels. What’s not to love? Take a look:

Want to visit The Lip Bar truck? You should and you should play with all the shades. Make sure you follow The Lip Bar on Instagram as well as visit their website for their tour schedule.

Already a fan? You could purchase more colors over at The Lip Bar website or walk in to your nearest Ricky’s NYC location.

Like Glory would say, Keep calm and Lip Truck on! 

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