Ipsy #JuneGlamBag Showdown

It’s that time again guys, our Ipsy Glam Bag Showdown! We’ve received our June bags themed, “Swim Into Beauty”. Like previous months, we’ve put together a break down of each of our bags. This month we’ve highlighted our favorite item. As well as, giving our individual bag review. Take a look:




Ok so, let’s face it, this bag has nothing to do with mermaid, or summer, or water. I mean, the way they advertise it, I thought I was getting a waterproof bag with metallic and neon color makeup. So yes, I am very disappointed on that part. Although, everything that came in my bag I will put it to use in some way. it was not what I was expecting. Ipsy please don’t do this again.




This month’s bag was OK. The lip stain looks better on than in the bottle. And The Keratherapy did a decent job. But overall, I wasn’t super excited about the bag.




Fail. Would looking at this bag give you the idea the theme is “Swim into Beauty” or Halloween? The only items I enjoyed is the Lip Stain and the Smashbox Primer. But I already own the primer so I was disappointed to receive it in this bag. To me this bag was filled with all the rejected items. Looking through other Ipsters bags on Instagram, I really receive the worst items.

As you could see, none of us were really thrilled with our Ipsy June Glam Bags. If you’re anything like us, here’s a few tips so you could get better items in upcoming months.

  • Change your profile. They sent items based on the profiles you create with you sign up.
  • Review items over at Ipsy. This will give Ipsy a better idea on what items you get excited to receive, versus the ones you’ll never ever waste your time trying a second time.

We hope these tips could help and share your bags with us! Just because we we’re excited over ours, doesn’t mean you weren’t. We’ll love to see what you got!

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