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We’re back to regularly scheduled programming. We hope you had a great Holiday weekend. It was beautiful in the New York City area and I have a bit of a tan. Yes, I am beyond happy not to be entirely too pale.

Last week we shared with you the Benefit Brow Genie online application. Today I am introducing you to Sephora Contour. This online application helps you choose the best highlighting, and contouring, for your face shape. Even those of us that can contour with our eyes closed could use a little reminder, right?

It’s pretty easy. Here’s the step by step guide:

First, it gives you samples of what contouring looks like depending on your face shape: oval, square, round, and heart.

After, you take a selfie to figure out which face shape do you have. I happen to have have an oval shaped face.

Once you figure your face shape, it gives you a choice of learning how to contour with cream, stick, or powder. I prefer cream based contouring so that’s what I chose.

Now it gets to the good part. The application teaches you, step by step, how to highlight, contour, blend, and set the contouring.

As you could see it gives suggestions on what products to use. Some are very pricey. Needless to say we recommend buying low end products as you learn. Then bump it up when you feel you have contouring down to an art. However, there are amazing brands that are inexpensive to that’s something to also consider.

The last step is emailing the steps are a reminder to yourself and done!

If you try Sephora Contour, share it with us on social media by using the hashtags #nerdandlace and #nlbeauty.

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