Alvina Valenta & Ti Adora

When we were invited to a private viewing of Alvina Valenta and Ti Adora, we may have gone to the bathroom, locked the door, and jumped around excited. And by may have, we mean it happened. We can’t explain the excitement to be invited to view a collection from a designer you love.

Head designer, Jessica Williams, ‘captures an ethereal romanticism in her bridal gowns. Which personify art, love and culture with a poetic sensual twist’. We couldn’t agree more with that statement.

The Alvina Valenta line is for all the artists, writers, thinkers, dreamers. For the sirens, sensualists, romanticists muses: The Alvina bride carries herself with a distinct air of refined sensuality and a cool, modern femininity.

The Ti Adora collection is a love affair of the romantic free spirit. This line blends soft, vintage romance with the fresh, modern soul of today’s bohemian bride.

One of our favorite things, were the two in one, or three in one, gowns. Take off a cape, an over skirt, or both, and you have a different dress. We do love the idea of changing, after the first dance, to something lighter allowing you to enjoy the rest of your wedding reception. However, there’s a big hefty price that comes with buying multiple dresses. This saves you money and you’ll look amazing.

Could we take a moment to obsessed over the head chain crowns by Renee Pawele? They are stunning!

We want to thank the staff, and models for your time and allowing me to take over 500 photos. Not kidding. Final count 586. I had the worst time choosing the ones to add to the slideshow.

For these collections, or past visit their website.

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