Liancarlo Spring 2016

Saying the name Liancarlo around a bridal shop usually gets followed by a blissful sigh. Founder, Carlos Ramirez, is known for his beautiful designs and thread work. He approaches his designs as he approaches art, by giving himself the ability to play an experiment. He designs for people, not for show. He wants his brides to shine, not just the dress. Like us, he believes that just because it’s classy doesn’t mean it has to be boring. And his past and presents collections scream just that. These are timeless gowns that will never go out of style.

We were lucky to have been invited to the Liancarlo showroom for a private viewing of the new Spring 2016 collection:

Carlos himself was there showing his dresses to buyers from all over the world. It’s fascinating to sit back and listen to what brides from different parts of the world, and United States, look for. We sat there with our mouth closed, and ears open. You’ll be surprised at how much you learn, when you observe and actually listen.

While we were at the showroom, we had buyers from Italy, Japan, Alabama, and California. It’s amazing how well they know their brides. They know what they want. They know what will sell. Great business people, giving us a new respect on the Wedding Dress industry.It’s not just tulle and fluff. It’s very smart people, wanting to make each bride beautiful.

One of the comments that stood up to us, came from Carlos’ husband. He said, “I used to be able to tell what was going to sell in a trunk show, before I even arrived, just based on location alone. Now because of social media and how exposed everything is, I can’t tell. Everyone is looking for everything.” The power of social media people. It changes the approach people do business, and it makes us proud to be part of that.

If you’re in love with Liancarlo as we are, visit their website for the past and present collections.

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