My Ricky’s NYC Haul

Ricky's Store FrontYesterday I visited one of my favorite beauty stores, Ricky’s NYC. This store has EVERYTHING you’ll ever need. Wall to wall items. From hair products, to skin care. Makeup and even they have a hair salon in the back. Love Ricky’s NYC. It’s honestly one of the most complete beauty stores around.

I was treated like gold, and everyone behind the counters knew everything about the products they were selling. I ask a lot of questions. Only way to learn. So they were patient with me. Thank you so much to the staff and specially Zach!

Here’s what I bought, I was trying to share with y’all yesterday, but I fell asleep editing the pictures, whoops!

If you notice, when I buy for myself, I tend to buy cruelty-free brands. 90% of my makeup is cruelty-free.

I also received as a free gift this ECRU Acacia Protein BB Cream for the hair.


If you see a Ricky’s NYC, make sure you stop in. You won’t be disappointed.

I also picked up something to give away. I’ll announce what tomorrow. YAY!


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  1. Which Ricky’s did you go to for the LA Girl Concealer? I stopped in the one on 11th and 6th today and they did not have it. Love your blog!

    1. Dee Shore says:

      Thank you so much! I went to the one on 39th and 6th. They had them all. That’s my favorite concealer. I stopped using the Makeup Forever one for LA Girls one. I’ll share a picture on our Instagram of what they had.

      1. ileftmyheartinspain says:

        Sorry I just realized I posted twice! But thank you so much for answering! I will go to that one…and follow you on Instagram! I went to Kenig and Alcone today also and they only had two colors and neither matched me!

      2. Dee Shore says:

        Lol no worries. Happens to the best of us. They are such a great product I’m not surprised you’re having a hard time finding them. They also just released color correcting concealers. Can’t wait to get my hands on them! Our IG is @nerdandlace

  2. ileftmyheartinspain says:

    Which Ricky’s did you go to for the LA Girl Pro Concealer? I went to the one at 6th and 11th today, but they did not have it. Love your blog!

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