DIY Makeup Brush Holder

As much as many of us would love to be able to own those beautiful sleek makeup brush holders, from the likes of CosmoCube, we simply can’t afford them. By the way, Sephora is now carrying some of their products online only. Yes, they are fantastic. However, they are very pricey and not many of us can not afford the steep prices.

I’m a crafter by nature; DIY is in my blood. I am from the school where you can’t find what you want, or is too expensive, you make it. This is why I live on Pinterest. I love the brilliant ideas people share.

Before I found my new makeup brush holder at Marshalls for $7.99USD, I was going make my own.


Isn’t it cute? And it spins! Prior to my awesome purchase, I held my brushes in a Mr. Bubbles (the bubble bath) tin. It was adorable! But it was old and falling apart. I originally found it at the dollar spot at Target. Spent $1.00USD and had it for about 7 years.

My original idea was to make myself something unique and inexpensive. As much as I love makeup trends, I tend rebel against them. I just can’t see myself doing exactly what others do. My taste is hugely eclectic, and is constantly evolving. So I can’t see myself spending ridiculous amounts of money on one item I may hate next year.

I’m a firm believer that you don’t need to spend $200 to have something you truly love and hold your treasured brushes. Allow me to show you a bunch of inexpensive DIY Makeup Brush Holders I came across in a my search for inspiration.

Mason Jars (Next to coffee, they are Gods gift to humanity)

Pringle Cans


Washi Tape


Glass Votives


Not DIY but still awesome!

A lot of these items, you could find at your local $.99 stores, or even in your own kitchen. I encourage everyone to be creative!

For instructions, and credits, on how to accomplish these looks, all the images above are pinned on my Pinterest DIY Board.

If you make your own Makeup Brush Holder, make sure you share it on social media using the hashtag #NLdoesDIY.


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