Refreshing My Nails

After I had my rollers on, I remembered I needed to get my nails done before IBSNY tomorrow. There was NO way I was going to take my hair rollers off to go sit at a nail salon for hours. So what do I do? Simple I needed to refresh my failing nail polish.

Horrible Nails

They were looking pretty awful. Not to mention, I need a fill-in. But for the sake of my sanity, we are going to ignore that fact. Yes, I am one of those that has to have her nails always done.

Originally I had silver glitter french. But since my glitter silver died by spilling all over the place, I picked the closets color I could find in my collection: Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Game of Chromes.

As much as I practice, when it comes to doing my nails, I do need the help of my Nailene Nail Guides. I couldn’t do it without them. Specially getting my right hand done.

Nail Guides

Once the guides are in place, the application is mindless and extremely easy. I just applied the polish slowly and steady. After allowing my nails to dry for about ten minutes, I took the guides off, and applied a coat of clear polish. Viola! My nails are not horrible.

After Nails

It’s not how I would have preferred my nails to be, but entirely way better than the mess they were.

Just remember a simple coat of clear polish freshen your nails right up!


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    1. Dee Shore says:

      You’re welcome!

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