Hair! Hair! Hair!

This week I picked hair extensions as my topic. Like myself, some of us are not blessed with a thick full head of hair. Not to worry, there’s help, hair extensions. Don’t be afraid to try them. Now a days they are fun, make you look sexy, and very easy to do. Allow me to show you.

First, things first. This is what my natural hair looks like:

Before Extensions

I usually wear my locks wavy, since it easier to maintain. But because my extensions are straight, I went ahead and straighten it using a flat iron. My hair is about 14 inches long and thin. I currently have layers, which is not typically my style. However, it helps give my hair volume. When you have thin hair like myself, when you curly up, layers give them a nice lift.

Before we get started, I do have have to give a disclaimer. Extensions always look best when done by a professional hairdresser. That being said, with the clip-in extensions, most of the work is done for you!

Evita clip-on extensions, brings six pieces. Are 100% human hair. And 18 inches long. I bought the color that matched me best, 27/30. You could easily find them at any beauty supply store. They range somewhere between $50 -$80 depending on the length.

Why did I choose this brand? Honestly, I just walked in to the store and this brand was the first one I saw, where the color matched me perfectly.

This is what Evita’s hair extensions contains: 2-three clips, 2-two clips, and 2-two mini clips for front part of your head.

They look a bit gold on the picture, but that might be the lighting in my room. The only bad thing I can say about them is that they are very thin. If you’re going for a very full look, they may not be the ideal extensions,. In my case they are perfect because all I wanted was to add a little volume and about 4 inches in length.

To clip them in, you want to start from the bottom up, using the 3 clips extensions. Work your way up using the regular 2 clips extensions. And then add the small clips on the sides.

After Extensions

Yes, its that easy. It took me about 20 minutes to put them in and now I am ready to go out. My hair looks beautiful, shiny, soft, and best of all, long! Making me feel sexy.

Hope this quick instruction helped!

Beauty Editor

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