Hair & The Gym

Gym Hair

I have hair issues! I work out six times a week, and I sweat A LOT. I can not keep my hair looking nice for longer than 12 hours. For some of you, doing your hair daily is part of your routine. But that’s almost an impossible task when you have long, and thick hair. I don’t have an hour a day to blow out my hair. Who really does?

I’ve been looking for ideas on how to at least keep my hair looking fresh for a couple of days. That’s when in one crazy search, using my friend Google, I discovered this video on YouTube and I am sharing it with you.

I don’t know about the screw things on my hair. They look like they’d end up being a bloody knot from hell. So in this case, I will take all his advice, and apply it using bobby pins. But other than that, I never considered dry shampoo before working out. I’ll need to invest in some of that and make sure I keep my hair off my face as much as possible.

For you ladies with short hair, I’m not forgetting about you. Here’s one for you:

And for different pony tail ideas for the gym. Here’s another one:

Have any other tips to share with me? Sound off below. All advice are welcomed!

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