Black Friday Shopping 101


Black Friday. The words separately, are a wonderful; Friday in particular. Together they raise panic and fear in my well being. Images of a box containing a 50″ flat screen TV, almost decapitating me, are still fresh on my mind.

I avoid going Black Friday shopping. I don’t like it. Its too crowded, people are lunatics, and I can’t be bothered with that nonsense. When I do cave, is usually my sisters fault. Yes, I am blaming her, because is her fault, and only hers.

In my process of avoiding going Black Friday shopping, I’ve learned a few things along way, and here I am to share them with you. Hopefully I can help you take advantage of the sales and avoid the crowds at the same time.

1. Most of the sales are available online. You can choose to do in store pick-up or have it shipped it to your door. The majority of the retailers do offer free shipping.

2. A lot of retailers do have the sales up online on Thanksgiving night. So while everyone is nursing their food coma, you could be online shopping.

3. You don’t need to be there at 3am to wait for the store to open. The majority of the sales are available all weekend. So while you were cold, and sleep less on Friday, I got your same deal Saturday morning. For example, Target usually has a two day sale.

4. Wait for Cyber Monday. Specially when it comes to electronics. They tend to have better quality brands on sale. As well as, free shipping.

5. The same sales you see during Black Friday, you’ll see them again before Christmas.

I’m not saying don’t go Black Friday shopping; some people so enjoy the rush. But hopefully I’ve given you some tips on how to be a better consumer.

Two websites I recommend visiting, before making your shopping plans. shares circulars ahead of time. And if you are online shopping, never ever check out without looking for a discount code on RetailMeNot. 

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