Wedding Shoes for the Broke

Ok, maybe not necessarily for the broke, but more for the bride and bridal party on a budget.

Ladies let’s get real, not everyone can afford Badgley Mischka or Aruna Seth (even though we really-really love their shoes!). To some, the thought of spending $200+ USD on a pair of shoes, makes them physically ill. Not to worry though, I have the solution for you!

For that group that stills want to be fashionable on a budget, I have the perfect brand for you, introducing RSVP.

rsvp® was designed with your unique day-to-night, premier lifestyle in mind. From a day in the office to a glamorous evening out, rsvp has something for you. With modern, up-to-date looks, you can create alluring, contemporary charm at an affordable price.








Aren’t they perfect? Available in all sizes and colors. But before buying, I HIGHLY recommended reading reviews first. Depending on the style, the shoe could either run a bit small or large.

You could find them over at Zappos and 6pm.

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